Programme Management and Coordination

Component 3: Programme management and coordination

This component will ensure that the programme is efficiently and effectively managed to achieve expected results. It will maintain the two-tier programme management structure, comprising the NPMU at the federal level, and the SPMU at the state levels. Updates on programme management are provided in Section III below.

Programme expected outcomes

VCDP expected outcomes through Component 1, Agricultural Market Development, are: (i) Increased value addition and access to markets realized by men and women beneficiary smallholder farmers as well as small and medium-scale processors; (ii) Demand-driven infrastructure for improved access to markets realized and sustainably managed by the beneficiary communities. Achievement of outcomes will be measured by the following indicators:

  • 94,500 supported rural men and women led enterprises or smallholders reporting an increase in profit (70 per cent of total direct beneficiaries).
  • 84,700 smallholder farmers (70 per cent of supported farmers) formally linked with cassava or rice off-takers.
  • 108,000 men and women farmers and processors (80 per cent of total direct beneficiaries) associated with the cassava or rice value chain accessing formal financial services leading to financial inclusion.
  • 195 processing centers and 60 market centers, 300 commodity storage facilities constructed or rehabilitated with integration of sustainable environmental management practices.

Expected outcomes under Component 2, Smallholder Productivity Enhancement are: (i) FOs in the programme areas effectively serve men and women members; (ii) production and productivity of men and women rice and cassava smallholder farmers in the programme areas increase. Achievement of outcomes will be measured by the following indicators:

  • 6,300 rural producers’ organizations supported in productivity enhancement with climate and environmental adapted agronomic practices as well consideration for fortified products from a nutrition perspective.
  • 5,670 supported rural producers’ organizations members reporting new or improved services provided by their organization including support for financial inclusion.
  • Increases in yields for rice and cassava produced by target men and women smallholder farmers (100 per cent for rainfed rice, 200 per cent for irrigated rice, 200 per cent for cassava).

Expected outcomes under Component 3, Programme Management and Coordination, are: Programme efficiently and effectively managed to achieve planned developmental and gender transformative results with knowledge management, gender, nutrition, and climate change/environmental and financial inclusion considerations integrated in all aspects of management.

Outcomes will be disaggregated by age to support effective youth participation.